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These are the terms and conditions for entering an agreement with All Around Movers, Inc.


Shipper understands that the time starts when the movers arrive at the first location and time ends when the last piece is where and how Shipper wants it, unless otherwise specified.

After the minimum is met, AAM bills in 1/4 hour increments, and will round up to the next 1/4 hour.

Shipper understands that in instances involving packing on a previous day or two part moves, time ends when packing/moving is completed for that day. This must be agreed upon prior to the move date.

Shipper understands that some out of town jobs will have “shop to shop” charges, time beginning when we leave our shop, and ending when we return to our shop. This will be explained and agreed upon when the shipper books their job with All Around Movers, Inc.

Shipper agrees to inform All Around Movers, Inc of the number of stairs or of long walks Shipper has, if any, prior to their arrival. A “long walk” is considered 100 feet or more from the truck to the entrance of the dwelling.

Shipper agrees to inform All Around Movers, Inc of any extra-large items (piano, spa, gun safe, pool table, etc.) or awkward or fragile pieces i.e. art, antique, etc. they will have to move prior to their arrival. (And will provide the make and/or model numbers, or the items actual and true weight, when possible, at least 72 hours before time of move.)

If the shipper does not inform AAM of stairs, inclines, extra large, delicate, fragile, antique or other wise awkward or dangerous items or situations, prior to the move, and AAM decides it is a danger to the movers or the items, AAM can decide to decline the move, or reschedule for when the proper equipment or man power is available, and the shipper will still pay the minimum number of hours at the tariffed rate for AAM showing up as requested.

Moves that run longer than 8 hours in a day will be subject to overtime charges.

SENIOR DISCOUNTSWe charge $10 less per hour for moves that originate or end at a senior care facility or senior community.


Shipper will be ready to make payment when the movers are done or time will continue until Shipper is ready to make payment.

Shipper will pay the amount due in full upon completion of the relocation or other service unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Shipper understands that All Around Movers, Inc can charge a fee of 10% every 30 days the total amount is past due, unless prior arrangements have been made.

If the shipper’s payment is returned or non-negotiable for any reason, including but not limited to stop payment or insufficient funds, the shipper will be charged administrative, court, and legal fees plus 10% every 30 days that the total amount is not paid in full.

Shipper understands that if for any reason the form of payment is returned there will be a $35.00 returned item fee added to the previous amount each time the check or other payment item has been attempted to be redeemed, plus any incurred fees relating from collection attempts, including but not limited to administrative, legal, and document fees.


Shipper agrees to inform All Around Movers, Inc., in writing (emails are fine), of any changes, cancellations or rescheduling of the time, and or date of their job, at least 72 hours prior to the Shippers set move time -OR- If the shipper has no set move time, then 72 hours before 12 PM on the scheduled move date will be the cut off time. If less time than the required written notice is given, Shipper agrees to pay the hourly rate for the minimum number of hours specific to their job.


Shipper understands that if Shipper is not the first job of the day with a set time, that Shipper will be notified 30 minutes to an hour ahead of when the crew will show up.

Shipper understands there is no time guarantee as to when the crew will arrive, and only estimates or guesses as to when the crew will arrive can be made prior to the actual call informing the shipper of their imminent arrival, unless Shipper is the first job of the day with a set time.

Shipper agrees to be ready for our movers on the scheduled day. This includes making any parking arrangements or obtaining any permits if needed prior to our arrival, otherwise shipper will be responsible for any fines, fees, or tow bill that may result. Our trucks, with a ramp, are approximately 45ft in length.


AAM will not be responsible or liable for any damages, for any reason, once the item(s) are no longer in our care, custody or control.

Shipper understands that in the unlikely event that any of their property is damaged as a direct result of negligence or by fault of All Around Movers, Inc, Shipper will still pay the amount due in full, and follow claim procedures as outlined in the General Information about Moving in Oregon handout, which can also be found on our website. Please see General information bulletin for moving household goods in Oregon for damage claim information.

Shipper understands All Around Movers, Inc will only accept damage claims when payment in full has been received and cleared.

If the shipper wants AAM to force items into areas or through doorways etcetera, that are too small, tight, or otherwise unsafe, AAM will not be held liable for any damages.

If the shipper wants AAM to load items into their vehicle or container and the shipper has not provided the recommended amount of padding or blankets and tie down materials like rope, straps etcetera, AAM will not be held responsible for any damages.
Please see the General information bulletin for moving household goods in Oregon for insurance or “Valuation” options.

Shipper understands particle board or ready to assemble furniture is not covered for damages unless it is completely disassembled prior to or during the move.

Shipper understands All Around Movers, Inc is not responsible for any pre-existing or prior repaired damages or loose veneer.

AAM will only load items that are clean and or dry into our vehicle.

Shipper agrees that they are free of pests such as bedbugs, lice, fleas, and/or any other vermin or parasite. If AAM equipment and/or pads suffers an infestation due to shipper having pests, shipper will be responsible for any cleaning, replacement, or pest elimination fees accrued by AAM or any client of AAM affected by that infestation.

Shipper agrees their items will be free of urine and or feces.

Shipper agrees to not smoke or vape indoors or in enclosed spaces while AAM is working at that location.

All Around Movers, Inc agrees to bring all standard moving equipment necessary to move a standard house hold (pads, dollies, straps, and the like), however we are not responsible for any unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances due to omitted information, changes in the weather, client error, or any other reason not directly a fault of ours.

If AAM is providing the vehicle for the shippers relocation, shipper agrees that the road or driveway will be traversable with no low hanging branches, power lines or other obstructions on the day of the move. AAM requires at least 13′ 6″ clearance. If AAM determines that it would be unsafe to the crew or the vehicle to attempt to travel on the road or driveway, AAM can refuse pick up or delivery of the items until such time that the roads or driveway are clear, and the shipper will be responsible for the hourly rate at the minimum number of hours originally agreed upon and any storage fee’s that may apply until the load is delivered. Also if the shipper directs AAM onto a road or area that is unstable and AAM’s vehicle becomes stuck, shipper will pay any fee’s required to get AAM’s vehicle safely unstuck, and shipper will be responsible for any damages that occur.

Shipper understands that it is the shippers responsibility to make sure any driveway, walkway or path, paved or other, AAM has to use, is clean and clear of snow, ice or other debris.

AAM will not be responsible for anything tracked into the shippers property.

Flat screen TVs should be in the original cartons.(AAM is unable to hang or mount anything on a wall or other surface.)
Washers should have the tub secured with the original packing items. (AAM is unable to dis/re connect water or gas lines.
Mattresses should be loaded and or stored flat. If forced to be on end, it needs to be in a mattress box.
If any of these conditions can not be met, client agrees AAM is not responsible for any damages, for any reason, to those items.
(AAM is unable to provide the cartons without adequate notice and exact measurements of the item needing the carton.)

See a list of restricted items HERE

Please call our office to check on availability, and agree on a date and time, before filling out this form: 503-391-6143

Moving dates and times must be scheduled with the office prior to verifying your move. Please call us for assistance at 503-391-6143.

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