Portland, Salem, & Eugene OR

All Around Movers

All Around Movers - Portland, Salem, and Eugene, OR Affordable Rates! Call or click today for a FREE estimate!

All Around Movers’ rates depend on several circumstances. Please call for a quote. We serve the majority of Oregon, including the Portland, Salem, and Eugene areas.

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Cancellation Policy
In order to keep our services affordable, we carefully schedule our team to avoid idle time, but try to ensure that they work as much as possible so they can provide for their families. Because of this, rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment for any reason requires 48 hours notice. If less than 48 hours notice is given, you will be charged for the minimum number of hours for that job.

Keeping Costs Down
The easiest way to save money is by not moving things you don’t use anymore. The whole family can help decide what to give away or sell. Contributions to charities might be tax-deductible, but remember to get a receipt. Or, have a moving sale and turn unwanted items into cash.