Do you provide the truck?
Yes! We provide a 25 foot moving truck (like the big Uhaul), blankets, dollies, fuel and mileage are all included on local jobs. If your moving into storage, or we are loading you for a long distance move, where we will not be unloading you, then you will need your own blankets.

Can I leave items in my dresser, freezer, file cabinet, etc?
Most items were not meant to be moved with things in them. We allow you to leave clothes in the dresser, but only clothes. All other drawers must be emptied. Any items you do leave full, including the dresses, risk damage due to the added weight and items shifting during the move. We would not be responsible for any loss or damage to anything with items left in it.

How do I schedule?
Call the office to see if the time/date you want is available.

How do I confirm if my move is scheduled?
Once you’ve called the office, you will be instructed on how to “verify your move”, and receive an email confirmation.

Will I get called before my moving day?
Not usually. We do all confirmations by email, to ensure we have the correct info, date and set time are all confirmed in writing. We do call with 30 minutes notice, on your moving day, if you are not our 1st job of the day, with a set time.

How do I cancel my scheduled move?
All cancellations or changes must be in writing, at least 72 hours before your set move time, or, if you don’t have a set time, then 72 hours before 12pm on your move date . You can reply to your confirmation email with your cancellation request, but you will need to call the office with any changes to the time or date, to make sure your new time/date is available. If we don’t get 72 hours notice, we charge the minimum rate, for the minimum hours you’ve been scheduled for, as we will have turned down work for that time.

Do you take down beds?
We do Dis/Reassemble beds, desks, sectionals etc. We carry standard tools. Some items need a special tool, please have that and the items manual handy.

Do you hook up the washer and dryer?
We are not allowed to Dis/Reconnect any water or gas lines.

What happens if my items are damaged?
All damage claims must be in writing. You can submit what you claim was damaged to us in writing by replying to your confirmation, or you can hand write and mail us a letter. Include pictures of the item, then of the damage to that item. Describe the damage and how you believe it happened. If possible, include any receipts for that item, and the make and model number. Also include what you are seeking, if it’s a repair, replacement or any compensation amount.