SB 182 and How it Affects Moving Companies in Oregon

Hello to all my friends, fellow business owners, past, and future clients,

I have been struggling with Oregon’s current legislation and the restrictions it places on how I run my business for many years. Recently, with the help of Senators, representatives, and business advocacy groups, we were able to get some legislative changes proposed this session.

This bill is to address Oregon’s current legislation in regards to the financial regulation of intrastate Household goods movers.

Currently Oregon legislation requires all intrastate carriers of household goods (HHG’s), to file a tariff, or menu, of its rates to be approved by the Oregon department of transportation (ODoT), before a license to move HHG’s will be granted. ODoT uses an antiquated and unfit system to calculate what ODoT feels is a “fair and reasonable” rate for us business owners to charge. It’s a system that I have been told has been in place since before LLC’s existed in America; that’s 1874! Furthermore, it’s a system that will allow one company to charge one rate, but won’t allow another company to charge that same rate for identical service. It employs a limit of 5% rate of return policy. Also any changes a company may want or need to make to its current tariff, once requested, can take 6 months or more before ODoT can make a decision.

SB 182 can be looked up here,

Although the proposed legislation is not what I wanted as an end result, it will provide temporary relief and will enable us to operate unhindered by over-regulation and unnecessary financial restrictions until a more solid and permanent solution can be put into place.

SB 182 will exempt HHG’s movers from the financial restrictions and over-regulation governed by ODoT, as long as the HHG’s moving company grosses $500k or less per year, and does not operate vehicles, or combinations of vehicles over 26,001 GVW.

This will allow small businesses the flexibility to evolve, and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the market around us.

We will be able to offer discounts, coupons and raise or lower our hourly rates based on what the markets will bear, without a lengthy review.

ODoT is so far removed from this line of work that they can’t truly understand the nature of our business or the challenges we face. Long standing legislation does not always make it good legislation or the right way to do things.

All carriers will still be subject to safety inspections, weight stations, insurance, driver licensing requirements and all other applicable Oregon laws.

I am requesting a hearing before the Business and Transportation Committee. I will provide the date, time and location when it’s been decided. I encourage all interested parties to attend and be ready to speak about your interest and support of this change. Letters would be great if you can’t attend, and emails are acceptable. Really, any support would be appreciated.

Thank you, Don Colvin.